It’s Time to Be the Sum of All Our Parts, and Not Just Some

Kristin Carver Smith

I’m Kristin. I’m an artist, agent and ease strategist on a mission to create a more just and joyful world. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with the notion that we ought to be and do one thing in this world. 

And after years of compartmentalizing and putting myself in boxes to make it make sense to others, I’m finally shedding the shoulds, coming home to myself and making the most sense to me—and inviting you to begin your own homecoming journey. 

Because here’s what I’ve discovered: when we are the sum of all of our parts, and not just some, we’re squarely where God intended us to be and can use us most to create the world (locally and globally!) that we desperately desire to see.

the music

Songs to Bring You Home to Yourself

Whether it’s your homecoming party or you’re seeking a message of ease and hope, Kristin’s music transports, soothes and spurs you on.

the podcast

Just and Joyful Podcast

Coming Soon: Just and Joyful with Kristin Carver Smith

We can create a more just and joyful world… but not without first coming home to ourselves. Hosted by artist, agent and ease strategist Kristin Carver Smith, Just and Joyful blends original music, expert interviews and thought-provoking stories to help guide leaders, visionaries and creators on their homecoming journeys—and chart a new fashioned, just and joyful world in the process. Join the waitlist and be the first to know when episode one drops.

the message

Kristin Delivers the Literal Keynote

Artist, agent and ease strategist, Kristin Carver Smith, blends heart-stirring music with powerful stories to deliver a new fashioned kind of keynote for your audience—and invites them to Let It Be Easy.

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