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Helping BOLD ideas and BRAVE voices land the visibility opportunities of their dreams.

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Hi, I’m Kristin.

I’m a keynote speaker, media magician and visibility expert that’s worked with everyone from Grammy Award-winning artists and New York Times bestselling authors to renowned activists and paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs. Now, I’m taking all the lessons I’ve learned and bringing them to stages large and small, virtual and real life.

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What I Know.

We ALL need visibility.

And I would also argue that we all desire visibility… from the kind of visibility that’s as simple as being seen and known by someone you love to the type of visibility that increases our credibility, reach, bank accounts and of course, impact.

But we often struggle with:

  • Where to begin on our visibility journey
  • Sifting through what we might share or say when we are actually visible
  • What visibility opportunities to go after and invest in
  • How to make the most of the opportunity when we do show up and show out
  • The sustainability of being visible

I’ve Got You and Your Audience.

For more than a decade, I’ve been meeting bold ideas and brave voices EXACTLY where they are in their visibility journey and giving them custom, sustainable solutions that deliver the visibility opportunities of their dreams… without creating burning out in the process.

What people are saying...

Bianca headshot

“She has a truly remarkable ability to connect with the audience...”

“Kristin was one of 12 speakers at the inaugural Pretty Damn Ambitious™ Level Up Summit, and I can confidently say she was one of the most dynamic and inspiring during our three-day event! Her presentation was expertly crafted and delivered with such passion and conviction that it left the entire audience captivated from start to finish. She has a truly remarkable ability to connect with the audience (mind you, it was a virtual event) on a personal level and to deliver her message in a way that resonates deeply with each individual.

What impressed me most about Kristin was her genuine enthusiasm for their topic. She clearly has a deep understanding and a wealth of knowledge about personal branding and visibility that sets her apart.

Kristin is a genuinely gifted communicator and an expert in her field. I can’t wait to work with her more. I highly recommend her.”

Bianca B. King, Founder of Pretty Damn Ambitious™

“Her energy is contagious—she should be a shoo-in for your next event!”

“Kristin was an absolute fan favorite at my writers’ conference. She has a way of relating to the audience through storytelling while also giving so much tactical advice. Her energy is contagious—she should be a shoo-in for your next event!”

Jess Ekstrom, Founder of Headbands of Hope and Bestselling Author of Chasing the Bright Side

Mariana headshot

“Her presentation was in-depth, timely, and extremely valuable.”

“Kristin is a warm, welcoming soul who is committed to helping entrepreneurs. I invited Kristin to be a guest speaker for my social media bootcamp. Her presentation demonstrated that she is a P.R. pro who knows her stuff. Her presentation was in-depth, timely, and extremely valuable. She provided much-needed guidance into the world of P.R. I would highly recommend that any entrepreneur who is looking to boost their business visibility work with Kristin. (Or anyone that is seeking a speaker to work with Kristin.) She went above and beyond to offer guidance to my group, and I have no doubt that she will provide the same level of support to any group that she works with.”

Mariana Padilla, Founder and CEO of Red Lab Marketing

Lavondilyn headshot

“The women in attendance raved the most about Kristin’s class.”

“Of the six speakers at my virtual event, the women in attendance raved the most about Kristin Carver Smith’s class. She over-delivered! Her knowledge and experience in public relations are incredibly impressive. Her value greatly exceeded the speaker’s fee I paid—she WOWed us all. I can’t wait to have her back to teach my private community!”

LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, That FIA Coach, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs of Faith

A New Fashioned Approach

The OLD FASHIONED approach to visibility ain’t working.

In fact, I believe that the only place old fashioned belongs is in our glasses (cheers!).

It’s time for a New Fashioned approach (which is why I founded The New Fashioned Co!): one that embraces sustainability, honors your visibility strengths and is less media blitz and more media legend.

I also believe that many of us—especially those of us from marginalized communities—have been led to believe that the visibility landscape is too complex with too many gatekeepers for us to ever enter.

And while I won’t sugarcoat it for your audience (visibility as a marginalized individual ain’t for the faint of heart), I’m also calling MAJOR BS.

Let’s Get Visible.

When I started out in this industry over a decade ago, I knew no one. Had zero connections and experience working with the media. And I don’t need your audience and viewers to have that either. In fact, my keynotes, workshops and training are entirely focused on helping your folks WHEREVER they are today.

Because we need their story (and yours too!). We need their experience. We need their goodness and genius. Without it—without them—this world is certainly not more just or more joyful.

Ready? Let’s equip your audience with all the tools to land the visibility opportunities of their dreams and change the world in the process.