Just and Joyful
with Kristin Carver Smith

Just and Joyful Podcast

We can create a more just and joyful world… but not without first coming home to ourselves.

Hosted by artist, agent and ease strategist Kristin Carver Smith, Just and Joyful is a podcast blending original music, expert interviews and thought-provoking stories to help guide leaders, visionaries and creators on their homecoming journeys—and chart a new fashioned, just and joyful world in the process. Ready? Let’s go home.

a word from kristin

Why You Need This Podcast in Your Ears Now

homecoming starts now

Today’s the perfect day to come home to yourself and create a more just and joyful world in the process.

There’s a lot that you’re going to get out of tuning into this show. Advice, new perspectives, insider scoops, music for the soul, inspiration, time, margin and so much more. But the most important is this: you’re going to get closer to the YOU you were born to be.

That’s freedom. That’s justice. That’s joy. Ready? Let’s go home.